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Tomahawk Player for Windows

  • Free
  • In English
  • Version: 0.4.0

Play your music anytime and anywhere

Tomahawk Player is a free, open-source music player.

If you own a lot of music that's scattered across multiple computers or is just plain disorganized, Tomahawk Player offers a way to organize and listen to your music, even if your music is stored on multiple platforms.

Tomahawk Player can play songs locally on your PC or via shared libraries online. First, it can locate music on all of your computers, including home and work. Then it can connect to your friends' libraries to create one large library of music for you to listen to. From there, you can build playlists, which can come from a lot of different places like iTunes, YouTube and more.

As a player itself, Tomahawk Player might seem considerably basic. It offers you easy management of your libraries, the ability to create playlists with descriptions and tags and it plays music nicely. The ability to connect to different networks like Jabber and Google Chat is also a plus.

There are still very few advanced options offered in Tomahawk Player, which might frustrated super users, but that's to be expected in early versions of any app.

Tomahawk Player is a great option that lets you organize and play your music across multiple platforms and services.


  • Lightweight app
  • Cross-platform
  • and Twitter integration


  • Very few advanced options
  • Setup is a little difficult

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Tomahawk Player


Tomahawk Player 0.4.0 for PC

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